Manchester University Medics Paediatrics Society

Manchester Uni Medics Paediatrics Society!

What is MUMPS?

As medical students training in and around Manchester we have the new Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, the largest children's hospital in Europe, at our fingertips.

Paediatrics is a competitive field of medicine and we know that a great deal of students express an interest without much knowledge about the speciality, including ourselves. This is due to the fact that paediatrics is not covered on the syllabus until the 4th year Families and Children module.

Being given an insight into paediatric medicine earlier on in medical school would allow time for students to confirm their interest and gain appropriate experience for their CV.


MUMPS aims to give all students the opportunity to understand more about what a career in paediatrics involves, the different sub-specialities which are available, and what experience is required and encouraged when applying for jobs in the future.

We aim to achieve this through a series of interesting lectures starting in October. We also hope to organise focussed skills sessions, volunteer work and a Paediatrics Day.

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